The most important thing that can be accomplished by a bodybuilder is to turn on the “mind-muscle” loop allowing a “targeting” of the muscle or body-part that is being worked. It is imperative to make this connection so that you will really feel the muscle or body-part that is being worked thus isolating all the stress in one location. The home gym equipment and other products featured on our website will help you do this.
A home gym should have all of the right machines and items that will assist you in working out. You may want to have an adjustable bench for bench presses as well as an elliptical trainer for cardio workouts. Weightlifting is a huge part of bodybuilding and we feature plenty of products for weightlifters. No matter if you’re looking for weightlifting wrist straps or a dumbbell weight set, you’ll find something that can be useful to you. If you’re trying to get stronger for activities like wrestling, you’ll likely also be pleased to find items such as Adidas wrestling shoes here on our site.
Targeting each and every muscle group will allow for the best gains and will allow you to create your own personal work-out routine. This is the way to know what works for you rather than following some cookie-cutter routine found in a book or magazine. External factors aren’t the only important thing; what your body is doing internally is important as well. Pick up a bodybuilding supplement or a natural testosterone booster and you’ll soon notice the difference in your gains.

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  • LOAD
    The amount of resistance or load used for a particular exercise is the most important variable in resistance training. Depending on the number of reps that are done with a given load, either strength or muscular growth are targeted. It is advised to determine the weight that can be managed for 6 reps of any exercise.
  • The Adominal Musculature
    The main function of the rectus sheath musculature is to bring the pelvis closer to the chest. The main exercise for this is the crunch. Lie flat on a mat or bench with your knees bent. Grip a small dumbbell with both hands holding the dumbbell above your head with arms straight. Crunch up, trying
  • Advantages of Weight Training with Dumbbells
    There are many advantages when weight-training with dumbells. First is the fact that it forces you to work your limbs independent of each other. Next is the safety factor as you cannot get trapped or pined down with dumbbells. In certain exercises you can generate a greater contraction of the targeted muscle using dumbbells. There
    Stretching helps maintain and improve flexibility. It augments the range of motion (ROM) of all your joints. It also reduces chronic soft-tissue pain and aids in muscular recovery after your workout. When stretching, stay at a mild 30-40% intensity and hold the stretch for 30-60 seconds. You will feel a relaxation of the muscle you are
  • A Great Incline/Decline Bench
    I recently purchased a Body Solid Incline/Decline Bench shown on this post. The price was reasonable and you can find it on the third page of my SHOP/MACHINES section in my website It is built very well and has a full range of motion in all positions. I recommend it highly especially for dumbbell