I first encountered the world of bodybuilding following college and medical school. After 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school and 5 years of residency, I went on staff at a major metropolitan hospital in New York City. After another 5 years, I felt that something was missing in my life but what? On the advice of a psychotherapist I had been seeing, I decided to go to the gym for aerobic workouts.

After several months my physique was lean and I noticed people lifting weights in another part of the gym. I asked a trainer was that was all about, and he told me that there are two ways to go with your body: the lean flat physique or the development of curves which result from muscle training with weights.

As I was curious about this (I had never heard about bodybuilding), I read very widely both books and magazines as I started to lift. I was 36 at the time. I was able to pack on 10 pounds of muscle each year for 4 years so that by the time I was 40 I had gone from 145 to 185 pounds of pure muscle with a body fat of 7%. It changed my life. I felt that I was a completely new person.Push-Up-Bar-from-Gorilla-Fitness-Creates-Strong-Safe-Pushup-Stands-Quality-Steel-Push-Up-Bars-Non-Slip-Feet-With-Comfortable-Grips-Allowing-Full-Range-of-Motion-Portable-To-Take-Your-Workout-On-The-Ro-0-0

Of course, once I put in a few months, I realized that I was gifted with the genetics for success in bodybuilding and I was hooked. I trained in a three day cycle with a fourth rest day and spent 2 hours every night in the gym after work. I was fastidious about my diet and supplemented with branched chain amino acids and L-carnitine.

So at 40 years old, I had reached my genetic potential beyond which I could not go without steroids. As a physician, I knew that steroids were a death sentence and stayed as far away from that world as I could. My accomplishments were very rewarding both personally, socially and mentally.

During my initial four years of training with weights I began to really understand the importance of developing my muscle-mind circuit otherwise known as isolation. Using isolation as my guide, I could know when I was targeting a specific muscle. This allowed me to design my own personalized workout routine which I divided into 3 days of lifting with a rest day before beginning my next cycle.

This idea of actually being able to isolate my muscle groups was and is the foundation for all of my bodybuilding success. That is why I have developed this new website called Targeted Bodybuilding. I hope to enlighten my blog followers about the very essential need to develop isolation when training.

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